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Bathroom replacement window


window replacement is exotic for residents of typical high-rise buildings and the norm for those who live in a country house window companies near me. So why do we need a window in the bathroom, what window can be in a private place and an apartment, why is a plastic window the best variant for the bathroom, and how to plan a bathroom with a window to make it comfortable to use - about all this and much more in this article?

Why do we need a window in the bathroom?

A window is, first and foremost, natural light. And it's not even about how it saves on electricity (savings are insignificant). For vision, natural light is better and more pleasant than any artificial window sash replacement. 

The spectrum of natural sunlight is different from the emission of any artificial light source - it has all the wavelengths of light. Evolution has adapted human vision to this light, making it most comfortable for the eyes. However, the spectrum of artificial light sources, especially all energy-saving bulbs, is uneven. For example, the radiation of most modern LED lamps is a lot blue, which excites the nervous system. We do not consciously notice this difference, but our brain picks it up - we feel the discomfort.

We are used to the fact that the bathroom in apartments has no windows. But this is a forced step of the designers, a consequence of the restrictions caused by the need to place several flats on one floor. As a rule, the apartment's windows face one side of the house, at best two. To make windows in each room and provide them with natural light, there are simply not enough free exterior walls.

Very different opportunities exist in the design of a private home - in this case, there is no reason not to make a window in the bathroom.

A window, even a small one, eliminates confined space. And the smaller the size of the bathroom, the more you will notice this difference. People today spend too much time in confined spaces. Expansive windows allow you to expand its limits at least a little bit. Panoramic glazing copes particularly well with this problem, to the peculiarities we will return to later.

Pros and cons of windows in the bathroom

Depending on the situation, the same quality can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. A person's lifestyle and habits play a significant role here. For example, some people like bright lighting, while others prefer dim lighting. The first is like when the sun's rays penetrate through the window and fill the room with bright light, but there are people for whom too bright sun makes them uncomfortable.

When discussing the convenience and usefulness of a bathroom window, the homeowner or apartment owner should be guided by their own needs and tastes. Nevertheless, most people agree in their assessments of the convenience of a bathroom window.


  • the use of natural light;
  • visual enlargement of the space;
  • the ability to admire the surrounding landscape;
  • the ability to ventilate the room, which is not at all equivalent to ventilation;
  • human well-being in a room with a window is much more comfortable than in an enclosed space.


  • a window in the bathroom is unusual for many people;
  • In some cases, privacy may be compromised;
  • the window complicates the layout of the bathroom;
  • the window requires maintenance, especially if it is an opening window;
  • The window can fog up during water procedures, and condensation will accumulate under the window if there is insufficient ventilation.

Some of the disadvantages mentioned above are relative or quickly overcome. For example, with proper ventilation, energy-efficient glass installed in the window fogs up very rarely, and maintenance of the windows is easy.

On the contrary, many people desire a window in the bathroom so great that they install a false window that simulates natural light and views of the surroundings.

Advantages of Plastic Bathroom Windows

The temperature and humidity of the bathroom differ from other rooms in the house - the bathroom should be warmer than the living rooms. At the same time, during bathing or showering, the humidity in this room increases significantly and often reaches 100%. The window should withstand such fluctuations in humidity and temperature without harming itself.

Do not forget about the aesthetic component - the window should blend into the bathroom interior and be compatible with its form, frame color, and overall style. 

Plastic windows meet all requirements:

  • PVC profile is hygienic - it does not get dirty, and it is easy to care for;
  • plastic is durable and easily tolerates fluctuations in humidity and temperature;
  • a massive choice of lamination options allows you to choose the appearance of the window for any bathroom;
  • The lamination on the outside is chosen based on the architectural style of the facade, so the outside of the plastic window looks aesthetically pleasing;
  • high heat-insulating properties of the PVC profile windows help to provide a comfortable temperature and pleasant microclimate in the bathroom;
  • the window is easy to use: you can make the window wing or sliding (the latter are incredibly convenient because they will not interfere with things standing on the window sill, and they will never shut because of a draft);
  • To preserve privacy, but without curtains and blinds, the glass can be made of frost or relief glass; even more effective will look stained glass; the color scheme can be chosen according to your taste.

The technology of plastic window manufacturing allows producing windows of any shape according to individual dimensions - traditional rectangular and square, round and arched, and diamond-shaped.

At the same time, the thermal characteristics of such products do not change during operation and remain high. Some sashes, sizes, and methods of opening are also chosen individually. Windows in this configuration can be ordered from any partner.

Accessories and additional equipment improve the performance of windows. For example, the tinted glass reduces the light flux - it is recommended for windows facing south.

Blinds allow you to adjust the intensity of light flow and change its direction to some limits by turning the lamellae.

Anti-mosquito nets will protect against insects if you open the window for ventilation. In the windows located on the first floor, it is advisable to install double-glazed windows made of tempered glass or triplex to protect the house from intruders through broken glass.

An alternative to plastic windows is wooden and aluminum construction. However, having generally similar characteristics, they still lose out to plastic: wood does not like high humidity, and aluminum frames provoke the formation of condensation.

Why does the window in the bathroom sometimes face the kitchen?

In apartment buildings, the layout of apartments was not diverse. For example, the bathroom was often located next to the kitchen. And in such cases, the wall between them made a light aperture, the lower edge of which was higher than human height.

There are many myths surrounding these windows. One of them explains the window as follows: supposedly, there were architectural norms for each room to be penetrated by sunlight. However, this version is dubious because the "inter-kitchen" window is too high from the floor and too far from the exterior kitchen window. 

Another version claims that the window was made for safety reasons since there were gas boilers in the bathrooms. However, this version is also unconvincing - windows were made in houses with a centralized hot water supply, with no gas columns.

In recent decades, interior windows have been abandoned in typical apartment buildings. Instead, there are more layout options - now, the bathroom is not always adjacent to the kitchen, and the window between the bathroom and the adjoining room is entirely inappropriate. Significant savings on electricity, too, such a window does not provide but creates additional problems during the repair of sanitary facilities. Therefore, such openings are most often caulked. 

However, the fashion for natural light is gradually returning, and it is not uncommon to be restored during the next renovation window. In this case, the most accessible and budget-friendly solution is to order and install a window from a PVC profile with a blank sash.

Types and variants of windows in the bathroom

To simplify the task of choosing a window for the bathroom, you should understand what types and options of windows exist in general.

Types of windows: 

  • a small window in the upper part of the wall, the lower edge of which is at or above human height;
  • the usual window with a window sill, the size of which may vary;
  • large panoramic window from floor to ceiling height and width from wall to wall;
  • false window, imitation.

The window can be a single blank unopened sash or several straps. Their size is chosen for practical reasons. So, an empty strap does not allow you to use the window for ventilation but provides maximum light transmission due to the minimum frame width.

Opening the sash is convenient for ventilation, but it in the bathroom will penetrate the street dust, insects, and noise. And if you can put a grid against insects, there is nothing to protect against extraneous noise. Noise from trees does not cause discomfort, but if near your house is located, for example, the airport, the window will always have to keep closed.

Each option, in its way, is convenient. For example, the window under the ceiling provides natural light while also allowing you not to worry about privacy. This solution can be used even on the first floors - no one will be able to peek inside. At the same time, it allows you to use the wall under the window to place small shelves, hooks, etc.

The standard window will not stand out on the house's facade - it looks the same as all the others. However, the window sill can be used to keep useful little things on it, and the opening can be decorated with blinds, curtains, and sprouts.

The window can be used to ventilate the bathroom and ventilation quickly. For convenience, the sashes should be equipped with turn and tilt mechanisms. Even more convenient sliding designs - objects on the window sill do not interfere with their opening, and the sliding windows will never slam from an accidental draught.

Of all the options mentioned, panoramic windows are the most spectacular. They let in a lot of light, expand space, make the surrounding landscape part of the interior, and allow enjoying the bathroom almost outdoors in warm summer weather.

Modern panoramic structures have high thermal insulation properties and do not blow out, so they can be used in bathrooms without restrictions - it will not be cold. 

False windows imitate the present in cases where it is impossible to make them. Of course, such windows do not allow you to admire nature but successfully mimic the landscape and natural light.

Planning and stylistic solutions for a bathtub with a window

The planning of any room is almost always a difficult task. To get a comfortable and beautiful bathroom, it is necessary to take into account a lot of things:

  • the habits and needs of the people who will use it;
  • the size and location of the bathroom in the house (on the floor, in the apartment);
  • peculiarities of the place of communications (plumbing and especially sewage);
  • Specifics of installation and service of sanitary equipment;
  • the view from the window, the architectural style of the house and its interiors

That's why planning is a task for professionals; assigning it to an architect, and a designer is right. However, the homeowner needs to know about the basic layout options to set the task to the architect correctly. Therefore, talking about the layout and stylistic solutions will not be out of place.

Remember, in some cases, the window - its size, shape, and location - is subordinate to the house's architecture; that is, it is what it is. So then the task comes down to how best to beat it in the bathroom interior. 

But sometimes, the possibilities are much more expansive - the size of the window, shape, and location can be chosen to a certain extent.


There are no universal recipes for the layout. Every case is different, and every rule can be broken if it leads to a good result.

Place in the bathroom the necessary minimum of plumbing and equipment. A cramped bathroom is uncomfortable from every standpoint. Do not be in a hurry to follow the template solutions. For example, if you are thinking about a small-sized bathroom, do not rush to put in it a washing machine; look for her place in the kitchen or the hallway.

Begin to place the furniture and equipment with the most prominent items. Next, choose a place for the bathtub and shower cabin. For them, a critical position to the sewer risers. Horizontal sections of sewer pipes should be as short as possible, as they are laid on a slope. In apartment buildings, where the connection to the risers is always very tight, there may be problems with the drain organization. To ensure water runoff, the shower tray sometimes has to be raised to the podium or use sewage pumps, complicating the installation of plumbing and its operation.

The tub and shower should be placed away from furniture used to store towels, robes, and other items. No matter how moisture-resistant materials are used to make cabinets and bollards, splashing water can quickly ruin them. 

To use the window conveniently, it must be easily accessible. Take into account the window's size and the direction of light propagation. A small window aperture above a human height transmits little light and illuminates only the far side of the bathroom. Do not forget to provide local lighting. The mirror, if possible, should be placed so that the light from the window falls on the person standing in front of it from the side.

Panoramic windows are appropriate in relatively large bathrooms; any furniture should not obscure them. Typically, the bathtub is installed in the middle or opposite the window - where you can admire the view from the window.

Styling solutions

When planning, many unsuitable options fall away for objective reasons. For example, because of the communication, possible options for the location of the shower cabin is not so. However, there are no restrictions when choosing a style, so you must pick it more carefully.

Universal advice here - better less than more. Avoid pretentious and flashy decorative elements. Remember that the bathroom is a purely practical room. Before adding any decor part, think about how you'll clean it.

If you do not have the opportunity to invite a professional interior designer, look for some suitable design in a reputable architectural magazine and take it as a basis.


A window in the bathroom is beautiful and convenient. Do not rush to get rid of it if it is already there—comfortable natural light, fresh air, a view - all right in your bathroom. Spend a little time decorating it, and you will love the result. And you can order the production of windows with one of the partners in your city. Consultants will help you to choose the best configuration.

Advantages of a bathroom with a window

Architects and interior designers are unanimous in their opinion and advise installing a window in the bathroom if possible. However, they back up their recommendations with several arguments at once:

  • there is an additional opportunity to improve ventilation in a room with high humidity, which has a positive effect on the microclimate and preservation of the finish;
  • lighting is improved, thus visually expanding the space of traditionally compact rooms;
  • Zones are added where items of hyena can be stored - the window sill performs the function of another shelf.

Opponents of installing windows in clean rooms cite convincing arguments: adequate forced ventilation in almost all bathrooms, the rapid failure of fittings due to rust, and the possibility of intruders violating personal space (privacy). However, these arguments should not be taken seriously because:

  • there are always situations in the bathroom where the ventilation cannot cope with a large amount of steam, and an additional flow of fresh air is urgently needed;
  • high-quality window hardware has adequate anti-corrosion protection, which allows you to operate the opening mechanisms in conditions of high humidity;
  • There are many ways and original solutions to hide from prying eyes, which will be described in this material.

Which windows are recommended for bathrooms

First, considering our regional climatic conditions, the windows should be warm. This is ensured by double-glazed windows or energy-efficient models that use k or i-glass. In northern regions, it makes sense to install insulating glass units with heating, which perfectly retains heat and allows, if necessary, to raise the temperature in the bathroom quickly. In cases where you have chosen a single-chamber double-glazed window without the injection of inert gas, which can not cope with the tasks assigned, you can try to correct the situation with the help of notable energy-saving films. However, this is the last resort; you are better off ordering a window with an energy-efficient insulating glass unit.

As for profile systems, it is better to give preference to PVC products. Wood is an excellent material with low thermal conductivity, but it is better not to use it. Due to the high moisture concentration in clean rooms, frames and sashes made of laminated euro block are guaranteed to require restoration after a specific time. Profiles made of PVC, in this sense, are much more practical.

If the room's interior requires wood for making sashes and frames, then the bathroom design with a PVC window will not suffer when using a laminated profile. This is because the performance characteristics of such structures do not differ from the properties of windows made of PVC, and they look like products made of natural material. On the other hand, suppose the facade decoration requires the installation of wooden windows, and the white color will be better combined with the modern interior bathroom. In that case, you can use the technology of single-sided lamination.

For bathrooms, the window installation must always be done in full compliance with the requirements. Compliance with the technology guarantees that the structure will "breathe" around the frame, and this is doubly important for rooms with high humidity and regular temperature fluctuations.

Optimal ways to open the sashes

The tilt-and-turn method is the most popular and practical option for opening window sashes in bathrooms. It allows for efficient room ventilation without swinging the windows wide open and is suitable for constructions of almost any size. In this case, any particular restrictions on the choice of mode of opening sashes do not exist. Only for example, the sliding system is suitable only for sufficiently wide openings, and during its use, there may be some inconvenience in the operation of mosquito nets. Therefore, it makes sense to consider English slider-type windows as an alternative option. Furthermore, this modification is particularly well suited when it is planned to use the window sill as a shelf for permanently storing personal hygiene items.

Providing privacy

The most widely known and easiest way to provide privacy is to install glass with frosted glass in any color. However, sometimes property owners do not want to highlight the window, forget about privacy in the process of ordering, and do not want to reduce the light transmission of glass units or dream of making it more spectacular. Today there is an opportunity to solve any problem with:

  • stained glass windows - this option is suitable for connoisseurs of elegant and respectable interiors;
  • Electrochromic windows - this method is ideal for those who love innovations and are willing to pay for them, and also want to change the light transmission capacity of windows at their discretion;
  • Blinds or mirror film - these elements will help those who forgot to take care of their privacy when ordering a window.

In some cases, privacy is provided simultaneously by increasing the level of burglary resistance of windows. For this purpose, triplex glass with a decorative polymer film is used. 

What is the best way to ensure the ventilation of windows?

To ensure optimal ventilation of windows in the bathroom, it is necessary to equip these constructions with fittings with the function of multi-stage and micro-slot ventilation. Due to the peculiarities of operation, it is recommended to use window automatics with the option of remote opening of sashes. It is possible to connect such a system to the humidity sensor that will give a command to ventilate. It also makes sense to integrate a ventilation valve into the window frame, responsible for natural air exchange between the street and the bathroom.

Window sills and soffits for bathroom windows

If the bathtub and the window are next to each other in the same room, the conditions dictate the need for moisture-resistant soffits. Often, such areas are tiled by tradition, but this is not the best solution. Along the perimeter of the frame, there is a high risk of tile delamination due to the significant difference in temperature in the wintertime with high humidity. However, the reliability of fixing these structures does not suffer from adverse operating conditions, so they are recommended for installation in clean rooms. As for window sills, it is better to prefer plastic models made without chipboard.

Shape, size, and optimal place to install a window in the bathroom

A rectangular window of medium size is considered optimal. The place of installation depends on the bathroom layout and individual preferences of property owners. The availability of window automatics with remote sash control function today allows the installation of low structures of great length under the ceiling. If necessary, it is possible to cut windows mansard type in the roof. The development of construction technology to date removed virtually all restrictions on the shape, size, and location of installation of such structures. It is possible to install French and mullioned windows and products round, oval, arched, diamond-shaped, trapezoidal, and triangular.

Care for Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows should be lubricated more often than structures in other rooms with a better microclimate. This recommendation applies to both the hardware and the sealing circuits, which should be wiped down with a unique composition based on glycerin, not twice, but at least three times a year. It is optimal to lubricate the mechanisms of opening sashes once in 6 months.


Do you have a window in the bathroom? This is a question you should ask yourself at the stage of planning the house, the distribution of rooms and windows in the dwelling. Some people are used to a bathroom window, while others who don't have one feel that it would violate their sense of intimacy and privacy. Indeed, a bathroom window has its pros and cons. Let's look at them and decide how to make the best choice for maximum comfort, style, and functionality.

More light and warmth

The light that comes through the window in every room makes us happier by stimulating the production of serotonin in the body, but it also helps reduce our energy costs a little since the lights have to be turned on less often.

How do we prevent prying eyes from entering the window?

In the bathroom, we need to be sure and have peace of mind that no one can see us. But how does this happen if there is a window? One of the most popular options is specially frosted glass, which prevents anyone outside from seeing you, but simultaneously manages to let enough light into the bathroom, making it bright. Another option is to install blinds. But the disadvantage is that you lose light. If you choose the option of blinds, given the room's humidity, we recommend using PVC blinds. It is also possible to apply a frosted film to the window. In some cases, plastic windows in Togliatti are high, so you can't see anything from the outside.

Window fogging and ventilation

Window fogging cannot be avoided if hot water is used. It is not recommended to install windows near the sink and bathtub to prevent splashing water and soap, which must then be removed. Installing windows certainly provide better ventilation in the bathroom. Although all bathrooms have fans, they are not efficient enough to remove all the moisture. Regular ventilation through a window after a shower or bath provides better health and a more excellent, cleaner bathroom because it prevents mold and mildew from developing.

Stylish interior

Like every other room in our home, the bathroom should be beautiful and stylish. Good windows Togliatti, decorated with several colors that are well tolerated by humid air, will contribute to the aesthetics of this room.

Don't compromise on quality and material. The window must be able to withstand high humidity. A suitable option is PVC windows with special hardware. However, wood is not ideal because it absorbs moisture, and aluminum will have problems with freezing in winter. Instead, we recommend opening the window to control the humidity in the room with ventilation. For more information, you can consult with experts to help you make the best choice.

Bathroom windows are about comfort, health, and the room's beauty. And undoubtedly, plastic bathroom windows are an advantage.

The main advantages

Placed a window in the bathroom in almost any case has a bunch of advantages; the following are some of them:

  1. More natural lighting.
  2. The original interior visually increases the size of the room.
  3. A mesmerizing view from the window is from high-rise buildings or the houses outside the city.
  4. You can complement the room's design with live plants on or around the window.
  5. It is possible to ventilate the room.

Layout and variations

At this point, the design can be as follows:

  • I was mounting the bathtub next to the window. In this case, it is necessary to seal the window opening and insulate the adjoining wall properly.
  • Installation of the bathtub in front of the window opening.
  • Washbasin next to the window.
  • Installation of the window in front of the door opening.

If it was decided to have a bathroom with a window, then first decide on the style, finishing materials, and layout, and think about what will be the color design.

To save yourself from the excessive attention of others, you can close the window with decorative films or conventional or roller blinds, blinds fabric curtains.

Many designers recommend dividing rooms into specific zones; the bathroom is no exception, and with adequately selected furniture and fixtures, it can make the room much more spacious and brighter. Do not forget about combining design elements, which will visually increase the size of the room.

Bathroom in high-tech style - this is a modern interior with clear lines. How to decorate it, read in our material on the site.

And for fans of laconic design - an article about bathrooms decorated in the style of art nouveau.

The choice of materials

Recommendations to give a lot of will not work because it all depends on what style was chosen, the layout, and the individual wishes of the owners. Now gaining popularity are materials made from natural components or directly from wood, stone, metal, glass, and others. The most important thing is that they can withstand high humidity. It is desirable to take the windows of moisture-resistant type with the presence of valves for ventilation or with the ability to adjust the angle of the sashes.

Variety of windows for the bathroom

Panoramic type

A bathroom with a window of this type is a good solution for apartments on high floors or private houses with a view of the pond or garden. Excellent visibility, the best daylight, elegant interior - all this will give a panoramic window in the bathroom.

For such large window openings, you can use regular glass and fluted, sandblasted, or tinted glass. It also looks interesting to divide the window with bindings, sometimes appropriate for using unique decorative overlays.

Rectangular and circular type

In a standard or small bathroom, it is recommended to install a rectangular window, which has small size. This approach will make the room visually larger and lighter. And round and oval windows are ideal for rooms in the oriental or antique style with arches. Sometimes designers advise round windows in small spaces.

I have stained glass windows.

Another opportunity to hide from the gaze of others but still leave the brightness of sunlight. Multi-colored or with different patterns, stained glass can diversify the interior by adding dynamism and shine and is transparent with small black or white stripes - restraint.

Mansard type

On the last floor the starry sky above, and the bathtub is already filled with warm water. So how to look at the stars? A bathtub with a skylight window will allow you to see the stars without leaving your seat. Agree that this is very nice. However, it is no less beautiful to take a water treatment at the same time as sunbathing.

A small bathroom with a window should not have unnecessary things, and it is desirable to use only the most necessary and stick to the style of modern or minimalism. They are well combined with stained glass windows or windows with framing in the form of a mosaic with a mirror surface.

With what else to diversify the interior?

To design a bathroom with a window was even more attractive; buy a bathtub with elegant legs; in a large room, you can build a podium or make a bathroom finish with suitable materials for the chosen style.

Another no less critical attribute - curtains. They are recommended in a small bathroom or case where neighbors or intruders can peek in. Water-resistant blinds or roller blinds will be beneficial if there is a bathtub.

The presence of living plants will bring variety to the interior: high humidity and the presence of light - are ideal conditions for many plants.

A window in the bathroom is an original solution, created for people who appreciate non-standard options and unity with nature.

The presence of a window in the bathroom changes its lighting and thus the perception of this space as a whole. From an adequately made room, you can take your time walking into the bedroom with a towel on your head, and here you can finish all your grooming procedures with great pleasure. You have everything you need in the bathroom to turn skin care into a pleasant design.

You can decorate the bathroom in any style you like.

Hi-tech offers simple yet futuristic forms with a predominance of plastic and metal elements.

Luxury and bliss are the companions of Baroque interiors.

African or Oriental style promotes vivacity and ignites the imagination.

A standard window can be a great addition to a romantic interior in the Provence style.

Do not limit your imagination; it is easy to realize your idea of perfect rest and total relaxation in this room. A plastic bathroom window is a must-have element of the modern interior, transforming this space from a corner for washing into a place of luxury and pleasure.

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